Stefano Mersi

24.MAR.2014 “… I would like to let you know that we had a great support from all of the people we interacted with and we managed to complete a complex detector commissioning and harvest a lot of data! :-) Thank you!!!” T-1036 Stefano Mersi PH-CMX-DS CERN – European Organization for Nuclear Research

John S. Haggerty

Department of Physics managed by Brookhaven Science Associates for the U.S. Department of Energy Dear Nigel: I would like to thank you and the Fermilab staff for all your help in mounting our test beam experiment, T-1044, at the Fermilab Test Beam Facility. The group out there in the Meson Lab was extremely helpful, knowledgeable,… More »

Bernd Surrow

14.JUN.2013 “Thank for your help. We are looking forward to come back to FNAL. I have done many tests beam in my life, but the test beam experience in May 2007 was by far the most positive experience which resulted in several publications and thesis at MIT. ” Bernd Surrow

Peter Kammel

15.MAY.2012 “We were pretty impressed with the line laser system at your test beam area. We are just building a beam line at PSI, and are considering similar capabilities…” Many thanks, T-1005 Peter Kammel University of Washington, Department of Physics Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics

David Hertzog

23.APR.2012 “…This was our second experience testing detectors there (the previous one in 2010). Based on some of the problems we had last time, I was aiming our group toward the yet-incomplete SLAC beam to get electrons. But, we took a chance and I was simply amazed how excellent the beams and conditions are now…. More »

Robert L. Stone

21.MAR.2012 “I want to express my gratitude to you as well as Doug and Eric, for all your help and advocacy. And for providing a comfortable and supportive environment for doing a test beam. When I get some rest, I’m sure I will want to return here!” thanks again, T-932 Robert L. Stone Rutgers University

Corrado Gatto

6.SEP.2011 “…I would like to thank you very much on behalf of T1015 for contributing to such success by adapting the beam times flexibly so that we could recover all of the beam time lost because of the many accident. We also wish to thank you for your excellent approach in managing FTBF in a… More »

Ugur Akgun

26.AUG.2011 “We are extremely happy to have a top notch facility this close to Iowa :) Over the years the personnel (you and Erik) were extremely nice and accommodating to us. We cannot thank enough.” Best Regards T-953 Ugur Akgun University of Iowa

Jae Yu

17.AUG.2011 “I am writing this letter to express my deep appreciation for the beautiful beam test facility and the care Aria and FTBF personnel have given to each of us and other users of the facility. As the guy who pushed very hard having a top class beam test facility for the ILC and other… More »

James Russ

6.March.2011 “We had a terrific Saturday of data-taking. We completed everything we set out to do … by 1755. How’s that for timing? The operators were great, and Rick Coleman called in on Saturday to see how we were doing and suggested a tweak to the operators that got us 3x more counts in our… More »