Time of Flight System

FTBF has two TOF systems available to users, upon request, but it takes a bit of time to set up, so one week’s notice is appreciated.

  1. TOF1 is based on Cherenkov light in PMT windows
    • Up to 10 ps time resolution
    • Typically 7-8 meters distance between “start” and “stop” counters. Time difference of particles with different mass is a linear function of the distance, the longer distance the bigger time difference.
    • Counters cover beam transverse size up to 40 mm
    • Momentum threshold (n=1.5). P/c: 0.2 GeV/c – muons, 0.8 GeV/c – kaons, 1.5 GeV/c – protons
  2. TOF 2 is based on scintillator counters
    1. Each scintillator is of octagon shape, 10 cm edge to edge, thickness could be 0.5 cm for “start” counter and 1.9 cm for the “stop” one
    2. 100-200 ps time resolution, depending on scintillator thickness
    3. Typically 30 meters base (B) distance between “start” and “stop” counters
    4. 10cm2 aperature
    5. Can Identify protons below 7 GeV/c and separate kaons from pions below 3 GeV/c