Obtain ID


The process of onboarding for users at Fermilab changed on November 3, 2020. See Access Changes for details. You should start this process at least four weeks before you arrive at Fermilab.


The starting point for updated Covid-19 information is Fermilab’s Covid-19 information webpage.

In general, visiting Fermilab in person takes significantly more planning and time than in the past. Please stay in contact with FTBF staff about your needs to be onsite.

To work at the Fermilab Test Beam Facility, a user needs to have a Fermilab ID number and must have completed the following, much of which can be done before you arrive at Fermilab the first time.

  1. The Campus Access and Experience webpage has general information about becoming a Fermilab user.
  2. Onboarding is a two step process which involves an Access Request Form followed by providing additional information in the FermiWorks system. Detailed instructions and examples can be found at Access Changes.
  3. Start the process at Onsite Access (ID Badge) and Computing Accounts (Remote Access)and follow the appropriate steps. Here are hints for some of the fields to fill out.
    • * Reason for access request
      User – Requires access to Fermilab/facilities/resources and requires unescorted/after-hours access.
    • * Have you had a Fermilab computing account or ID badge before?
      (NO, or YES which will ask for more info)
    • * Your ORCID
      (look up link provided. Not mandatory if you don’t have one.)
    • * Point of Contact: Your Fermilab contact is a member of your experiment/division who can vouch for your identify and affiliation
      (Select from drop-down list of all people with IDs.)
      Usually you would select “Mandy Kiburg” or “Evan Niner.”
    • * What is your Fermilab Experiment, Project, Division, or Section affiliation? If you are unsure, ask your Fermilab contact.
      TEST BEAM 
    • * Professional Class
      (Select appropropriate from drop-down menu.)
      Visiting Postdoc (experimentalist) FOR EXAMPLE
    • * Please briefly describe the research and/or technology you be working on at Fermilab.
      (Describe your test beam experiment briefly. Refer to TSW number if you have one.)
    • * Will you be coming onsite to Fermilab?
    • * Will you be working at the Fermilab site continuously or intermittently?
      (Select best)
    • * What Fermilab business site will you be located at?
      Batavia, Illinois
    • * What will your primary work location be?
  4. Once your Access Request Form is processed and accepted, you will receive two emails with your username and a temporary password to log into FermiWorks to complete the onboarding process. Again, see Access Changes for instructions for both new users and renewals.
  5. This results in the issuance of a
    • Visitor ID number – allows you to get training and a Fermilab badge
    • Services account – allows you to request assistance from Computing Sector
    • Security certificate – allows you to log into the FTBF computers
  6. The above process will take you through introductory Fermilab training. It is also a good idea to complete or schedule FTBF-specific training before arriving on site. The only onsite training is Radiation Worker – Practical Factors. FTBF management tries to coordinate by groups so it is important we know who is coming onsite and when.