Facility Infrastructure

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The Fermilab Test Beam Facility is located on the west side of Meson Detector Building. The MTest and MCenter beam lines enter the building from the south. The MCenter line passes through the entirety of the building dividing it into east and west. The MTest line comes to completion within the building. The facility was designed for the constant occupation by multiple users.

The facility is outfitted with a gas distribution system that delivers gas to several locations, some of which have flammable gas capabilities. Commonly used gases, like N2 or Ar/CO2, are provided by the facility.

Beam enclosures are also outfitted with signal (BNC/lemo), high voltage, and network patch panels located at fixed positions throughout the enclosures near equipment setup areas. These patch panels are linked to the various control rooms.

Climate controlled beam areas are also available.

The facility provides web-cameras with 26x optical zoom and motion tables that can be viewed and controlled remotely from the control rooms while beam is running.

Beam enclosures are outfitted with a system of lasers such that users can determine the nominal location of the beam (in x and y), and set up their apparatus accordingly.



Conference Room


Control Room

 If you would like to book time at the facility, please fill out the beam time request form, check Become a User, or contact the FTBF coordinator.