Tools, Cables & Patch Panels

Assorted hand tools are stored in the MT6.2 enclosure for experimenter use. Please return tools to the board, as the facility can not afford to replace tools. For information about power tools including drill press and band saw, see work areas.

Signal (lemo & BNC), SHV, Network (CAT5) and other assorted cables are available to users in various lengths and quantities. For power cables, see below. Single cables are hung by length in the MT6.2 enclosure. Bundles of 10 cables are available from the FTBF coordinator. Users are asked to adhere to the following rules when using cables:

  • Separate and coil cables at the end of running period
  • Return all cables and store neatlycableWall
  • Do not attach adhesive labels to cables, use provided tags
  • Do not remove permanent cable ID labels
  • If you find something wrong with a cable, tag it and inform the FTBF Coordinator

Signal, SHV, and network patch panels are installed in the enclosures and control rooms, so users should not have to run cables between these areas themselves.


patchPanel IMAG1456

Lengths between signal patch panels are:

  • 2A: 188 – 194 nsec
  • 2B: 148 – 152 nsec
  • 2C: 138 – 146 nsec
  • 2D: 158 or 176 nsec
  • 1A: 144 – 150 nsec
  • 1B: 100 or 102 nsec
  • ALC: 318 nsec

For individual spigots download cables excel file.