Safety Training

How to obtain training

A list of required training can be found below. The FTBF coordinator can help decide which training is necessary and ensure all members ITNA (training plans) are filled out correctly.

All trainings except for one can be done online, before arriving at the lab. We STRONGLY advise doing all trainings ahead of the scheduled beam running. It will also help to read all of the reference materials associated with each class ahead of time.

Required training

Everyone will need:

  • FTBF Hazard Awareness: Individuals performing work at the Fermilab Test Beam Facility must complete Hazard Awareness training. This training is required for anyone entering the facility, but it can be taken online.
  • New Employee/User Orientation Training: This training should have been completed in order to obtain a Fermilab ID badge. Follow the instructions here to take the training online. It includes:
    • GERT: If you do not need to access the beamline under controlled access conditions, then General Employee Radiation Training is adequate. This training is required for anyone entering the facility.
    • Electrical Safety Orientation: This training is to expose unqualified employees to the hazards and consequences of an electrical incident and steps to take to protect themselves from the hazard. This training is required for anyone entering the facility.

Everyone entering the beam area will need:

  • Radworker: If you anticipate making accesses into a secured beamline (likely), then you will need Radiation Worker Training. You must be over 18 years of age. A radiation monitoring badge can be obtained by filling out the information in the website, then picking up the badge in the Communications Center on the Wilson Hall ground floor (next to the ID Office). The spokesperson or an FTBF manager can sign for any permissions on these forms.
    • You must take the 1.5 hour online Classroom course every two years.
    • You must also take the 2-hour Practical Factors class in person every two years. Schedule this as early as possible.
  • Controlled Access: Radiological workers who require entrance to enclosures under controlled access conditions will also need Controlled Access training. Here is the class page. This course must be retaken yearly.

At least one person will need:

  • Each primary experiment in the MT6 or MC7 areas will need at least one person trained as a Controlled Access Leader (CAL) to coordinate all aspects of a controlled access. They will be specifically trained by one of the FTBF managers in person to ensure they understand the specific procedures for accessing the beamline areas. These leaders are the only ones allowed to call the MCR and request a controlled access. Documentation on this training can be found in CAL Training DocDB. A list of trained CALs will have to be submitted by the FTBF coordinator to the Operations Department before the experiment can call for a Search & Secure. For the M03 area the FTBF coordinator will serve as the CAL since accessing this area requires disabling beam to MT6 and MC7 areas.

Some people may need:

  • Anyone needing access to the M03 High rate Tracking Area will need Oxygen Deficiency Hazard training which is found at the Class Page. This training also requires a medical exam, which can be set up by contacting the Medical Office at 1-630-840-3232 or email
  • Source Training: Anyone on the experiment who needs to work with radioactive sources (possibly for testing/calibration purposes) will need Radioactive Source Training found at this Class Page. Radworker is a prerequisite for this training. This training is online.
  • Machine Shop: Individuals wanting to utilize equipment in the machine shop must have a one-on-one session with the technical coordinator about the machine and then read and sign each Hazard Analysis form for the particular tool they wish to use.
  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety: If your experiment requires you to transport, handle, or use compressed gas cylinders, then you will need to review this material.
  • Laser Safety Training: Anyone working with the laser will have to take the Laser Safety Training Class and have a laser eye exam done.  This can be arranged through the Fermilab Medical Office at 1-630-840-3232 or email
  • Other training may be needed, depending on your experiment.


To complete training

  1. Experimenters should log into their Individual Training Plan.
  2. Navigate to a page which is titled Individual Training Plans.
    Experimenters should enter their Fermilab ID number in the field indicated.
  3. Experimenters should then see a table similar to the one below:
    Course Code Course Title Complete
    Due Date Status Class Code
    PDFTBF01 / CB FTBF Hazard Awareness Training
    12/01/2015 New Requirement
    FN000311 / CR Fermilab Controlled Access
    12/01/2015 New Requirement
    FN000470 / CR Radiological Worker – Classroom
    12/01/2015 New Requirement
    FN000471 / OJ Radiological Worker – Practical Factors
    12/01/2015 New Requirement
  4. For each class click on the link in the Course Code column.
    • Read the reference materials
    • If the text  ‘An Online Version of the Test is Available for this Course’
      appears, follow the button below it to go to online test.