Installation of Equipment

To ship equipment to Fermilab, see Shipping.

This is a basic overview of what installation is like at the Test Beam. For our policy and more information, please see our DocDB entry on Installation and ORCs.

Any experiment involving irradiated materials must discuss in advance with the FTBF Coordinator and follow these procedures.



  • Each experiment should plan to have equipment staged a day or two before the scheduled install day (Wednesdays by default). If it is a complicated set up, it helps to have the ORC committee review the setup before installing. The Test beam has several areas for staging equipment.
  •  It is also highly recommended to have at least two people working at any given time during installation and operations.
  • On installation days, the previous user will uninstall starting at 6am. A new group may start installing at the same time. Our technicians are typically at work around 6:30 am. They will oversee safety aspects of the installation and help as necessary.
  • If a user needs assistance in installing equipment (e.g. rigging, forklift, craning, etc.), contact the FTBF coordinator in advance, who can arrange for and schedule this installation.
  • The FTBF has gigabyte trunk cables installed so users do not need to climb on the walls to run network cables. The trunk cables terminate in RJ45 patch panels throughout the facility. Standard gigabyte network cables attach to the patch panels.
  • Mechanical support staff (rigging, forklift, craning, etc.) is only available 6 am – 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday, please plan your installations accordingly.
  • All equipment should be installed at once (if possible), necessitating only one ORC inspection.