Installation of Equipment

To ship equipment to Fermilab, see Shipping.


  • Each installation should be set up to ensure easy movement of test equipment into and out of the test beam.
  • The Fermilab Test Beam Facility is located on the west side of the Meson Detector Building. Users must have a Fermilab IDFTBF Hazard Awareness, and GERT training to work there. It is also highly recommended to have at least two people working at any given time during installation.
  • Usually the enclosures are in open access before 9:30 am, or after 10 pm, unless the experiment before you has been granted extended hours.
  • Experimenters are allowed to install apparatus in the enclosure, but out of the beam, during this time. Equipment may not be operated unattended.
  • If a user needs assistance in installing equipment (e.g. rigging, forklift, craning, etc.), contact the FTBF coordinator in advance, who can arrange for and schedule this installation.
  • The FTBF has gigabyte trunk cables installed so users do not need to climb on the walls to run network cables. The trunk cables terminate in RJ45 patch panels throughout the facility. Standard gigabyte network cables attach to the patch panels.
  • Mechanical support staff (rigging, forklift, craning, etc.) is only available 6 am – 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday, please plan your installations accordingly.
  • All equipment should be installed at once (if possible), necessitating only one ORC inspection.