Power Cords & Adapters

Any needs for unusual power requirements – particularly non-USA standard connectors or power – should be planned well ahead of time with FTBF staff. All equipment must comply with the Fermilab Electrical Safety Program.

An excellent review of common electrical hazards at FTBF can be found in Electrical Safety ORC Review Guidelines from the ORC Guidance Documents. It is strongly recommended that all users read this document before installing any equipment. A common problem is “daisy-chaining” of extension cords and power strips. Extension cords and power strips may not be connected in series. All conductors need to have current protection such as fuses, circuit breakers, or a current limited supply to prevent the current from exceeding the rated capacity of the conductor.

At FTBF there are electrical receptacles capable of delivering a variety of outputs – primarily 120V and 208V single phase 60Hz. Users must verify that equipment, electrical plug and receptacle, and cordset are compatible with the proper voltage, frequency, phases, and current capacity before plugging anything in and to consult with FTBF staff if there are questions. You may find unusual and non-standard cordsets left by other users. Do not assume that “if the plug fits” there will be no problems. Again, consult with FTBF staff before arriving about any unusual or non-USA standard electrical needs so that appropriate arrangements can be made and equipment and cordsets properly labeled.