Shipping equipment to FTBF

To ship equipment to FTBF, address the package to:

Fermilab, Receiving Dept

Wilson & Kirk Roads

Batavia, IL USA 60510-0500

Attn: Fermilab Test Beam Facility (MDB-West)

c/o Mandy Kiburg MS 330

Click shipping-label for a formatted address label.

Then send an email to the FTBF coordinator to expect the package.
It is always a good idea to include weight, dimensions and a short description of the package, or number of packages in this email.

Shipping equipment from FTBF:

To ship equipment from FTBF:

  1. If any of the Items to be shipped have been in the enclosure while beam was on, they will need to be surveyed by a qualified PPD Rad control technician. Contact the FTBF coordinator to arrange such a survey.
  2. Fill out a Material Move Request Form.MMR1
    • You’ll need to sign into the Service Desk,MMR2
    • Select Business Services Section in the left-hand column
    • Under that you should see Create New Material Move Request
    • Then you can fill in the form.
  3. It is a good idea to print out a copy of the form and attach it to the item to be shipped.

For further assistance with shipping contact Al Elste, Shipping Dept head, x6896.