User Orientation

Information for Users:

  • How to request beam from Main Control Room (MCR)
    • Call the MCR x3721
    • Tell them which beamline you are requesting beam for (MTest or MCenter).
    • Tell them which intensity and energy you’d like (10k 120 GeV protons on MTSCL5)
  • Controlled access leaders (CAL) access procedures
    • The FTBF coordinators will make sure you are trained. This is not a course taken online, we only give it at the test beam.
  • Beam structure
  • Logging into FTBF computers
    • If you need to use the FTBF computers, please first provide your kerberos username to an FTBF Coordinator.
    • Once added to the .k5login, you’ll use your kerberos password, the username is ftbf_user, and then it’ll ask for your username.
  • Table control
    • The tables are controlled via a synoptic display.
  • Instrumentation control
  • How to check on beam status
    • You can always call the MCR (x3721) to ask
    • Check the synoptic display, you should see counts for 4 seconds every minute.
    • You can check the MCR elog for information.