Storage Rooms and Cabinets

Experiments are expected to remove all equipment, included borrowed cables, tools, stands, etc. from beam enclosures and control rooms and return PREP electronics within 24 hours of their last beam. If experimenters anticipate a need to store items in between runs, they must specify the request to store experiment in the TSW.

There are a limited number of cabinets set aside for such purposes. Users must label the cabinet with experiment number and contact information. The FTBF coordinator must be aware of the combination. These cabinets must be used in accordance with all ESH&Q guidelines. No hazardous materials may be stored in them.

For larger items (such as multi-ton detectors) there is an area set aside at FTBF. It is not climate controlled. Users are encouraged to cover and otherwise protect their equipment from the leaky roof. All equipment must be labeled with experiment number and contact information. FTBF reserves the right to move equipment within the facility in accordance with facility needs.

For storage during a beam run, see work areas.