Propose a Test Experiment

If this is your first time proposing a test experiment, you may want to go back and read the information starting at Become a User.

All requests for beam must go through the FTBF coordinator, this includes any and all extensions for running experiments. The FTBF Coordinator can be contacted at any point during the process.

  1. Experimenters should write a Technical Scope of Work (TSW) which describes the test experiment in detail. For a template and instructions, see how to  Write a TSW. (If there is already an approved TSW skip to step 5).
  2. The spokesperson for the test experiment will need to obtain a Fermilab ID number:
    1. Visit
    2. For affiliation the spokesperson should select “Test Beam” under Fermilab Organizations.
    3. Fill out the rest of the form and submit.
  3. The spokesperson should submit the first draft TSW and their Fermi ID number to the Test Beam coordinator as soon as possible, since requests for beam time are granted on a first-come/first-served basis. The TSW will go through many revisions, and details will be added as more people review the document. See the TSW Approval Process.
    Please Note:
    Typically, it takes 2 months (8 weeks) from when a user submits an initial, first draft, to a draft ready for approval. Once a final version of the TSW is reached, the signature process typically takes 2 weeks.
  4. The user will then be assigned a test beam experiment number associated with their request.
  5. Once the Test experiment number is assigned, the experiment can be ‘penciled’ into the schedule by submitting the following information to the FTBF coordinator. This can be done at the same time as submitting a TSW.
    • Desired particle type(s)
    • Desired intensity per 4.2 sec spill
    • Desired energy (or energies)
    • Dates the experiment will be ready to take beam (See Scheduling Guidelines)
    • Length of run; how long you want to take beam, include any significant installation time
    • Hours of the day you intend to take data. (Default is 12 hours from 1000-2200)
    • Desired Location of experiment. (See Beam Areas)
    • Facility Infrastructure or Instrumentation needed
  6. The TSW must be approved before the user will be allowed to install in the beam area.
  7. All of the users on the experiment will need to obtain a Fermilab ID number.
  8. Continue to follow the instructions on this website about Working at FTBF.

Requests for beam time are granted on a first-come/first-served basis. Beam time can only be granted to users with an approved TSW. (See How to Write a TSW)

The spokesperson

is the official contact for the test experiment and is responsible for:

  • forwarding all pertinent information to the rest of the group
  • arranging for their training
  • requesting ORC or any other necessary approvals for the experiment to run.
  • insuring the appropriate people (which might be everyone on the experiment) sign up for the test_beam emailing list.

Usually the spokesperson, but sometimes the lead experimenter is responsible for:

Large scale efforts

Large scale test beam efforts may need further consideration by the Directorate, using, for example, advice from the Physics Advisory Committee. Thresholds for this level of consideration may be set if needs cannot be met by existing test beam capabilities, if there is an over subscription of the facilities, or if there is a desire for long, exclusive dwell time in the beam. The goal of such further consideration will be to ensure ecumenical scheduling.