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Brendan Casey

16.MAY.2010 “The only thing more fun than Test Beam is Kindegarden” T-1005 Brendan Casey Fermilab Wilson Fellow Muon g-2

Anatoly Ronzhin

“This is the best beamline in the world for Time Of Flight” Anatoly Ronzhin Fermilab

Paolo Privitera

14.MAY.2010 “I just wanted to let you know that the feedback I got from the students was fantastic. I quote : “a wonderful experience at Fermilab”. Even with the accelerator problems, we were able to take 4 energy points 1,2,3,4 GeV and get a linearity as well as estimate of the energy resolution. The trip… More »

Bill Bugg

22.MAR.2010 “I would like to thank you both for the excellent service during the T932 diamond pixel run. I have run in test beams all over the world over many years and the Mtest user facility is probably the best I have experienced from the viewpoint of ease of use,user equipment integration, intensity and particle… More »