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Spokes: Lorenzo Uplegger <uplegger@fnal.gov>


Relevant Notes:

This group will also run with the CMS outer tracker group (T1209). They will be in for several weeks.

Beam used: 120 GeV primary protons

They do not use facility instruments, except for the telescope.  Parasitic tests downstream using 120GeV protons should be fine. Testing DAQs should also be fine.


12/13 – 12/20

Lorenzo has installed a Diamond detector in 6.2b for another group. This group will run remotely whenever others are taking beam. Lorenzo will help with any hardware issues.

Schedule for May run:

May 2 to 16 Italian pixels (Note that we’ll likely be able to do some Facility tests at the same time.)

May 16 to 29 American pixels
May 30 June 5th Outer tracker