ORC Renewal

Regarding experiments that have not run for more than 30 days, PPD_ESH_006 reads:

Experiments that have been previously approved but have been idle for greater than 30 days must contact the ES&H Review Coordinator to determine whether another review is needed. The experiment will verify, in writing, the end date of the previous run and that the experiment has not changed. The ES&H Review Coordinator will then inform all ORC signatories of the approval to run or any recommendations determined necessary to resume the experiment.
In any case, a renewal ORC will be generated.

The key thing here is that phrase “the experiment has not changed”. If for example, your experiment has not changed in the sense that all you want is maybe a little bit more calibration data, but has changed in the sense that some power supply had to be replaced for some reason, then you do NOT have an unchanged experiment. Because while you, as an experimenter, might be concerned about the calibration of your dataset, it is the power supply that might catch fire!