On-site Training

Some training can only be done at the Fermilab site.

We STRONGLY advise arranging for this training well in advance of the scheduled beam running. It will also help to read all of the reference materials associated with each class ahead of time. Training that can be done ahead of time should be done before arriving on site. See Training for more information.

Everyone entering the beam area will need:

  • Radworker: If you anticipate making accesses into a secured beamline (likely), then you will need Radiation Worker Training. You must be over 18 years of age. A Radiation Monitoring Badge can be obtained by filling out the information at the website http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/tld_requests.html, then picking up the badge in the Communications Center on the ground floor of Wilson Hall (next to the ID Office). The spokesperson or an FTBF manager can sign for any permissions on these forms.
    • If it is your first time taking this training, you must sign up for the 6-hour Classroom course. This includes the Practical Factors class.
    • If you have taken a radworker class before at another laboratory, contact the PPD RSO to discuss whether you might qualify to take the online exam. If you can pass the online exam, you should then sign up to take the 2-hour Practical Factors class in person.
  • Controlled Access: radiological workers who require entrance to enclosures under controlled access conditions will also need Controlled Access training available at the Class Page. This training must be taken in person the first time. If a group is arriving that all need the training, please notify the FTBF coordinator who will  contact the instructors to see about a special course.

At least one person will need:

  • CAL: Each primary experiment in the MT6 or MC7 areas will need at least one person trained as a Controlled Access Leader (CAL) to coordinate all aspects of a controlled access. They will be specifically trained by one of the FTBF managers in person to ensure they understand the specific procedures for accessing the beamline areas. These leaders are the only ones allowed to call the maintenance control room (MCR) and request a controlled access. Documentation on this training can be found in PPD_ESH_015. A list of trained CALs will have to be submitted by the FTBF coordinator to the Operations Department before the experiment can call for a Search & Secure. For the M03 area, the FTBF coordinator will serve as the CAL since accessing this area requires disabling beam to MT6 and MC7 areas.